Hyper Scan
Hyper Scan
7. Generation
Storage Medium
CD / RFID-Cards
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Original System

The Mattel Hyper Scan is often overlooked as a "real" videogame console, although it features games sold on CD-Roms and even an interesting, unique feature: The system has a build-in RFID-Scanner. Games were played from CD-Rom, but special features and abilities could be added by scanning RFID-cards which were included with each game, with additional cards also being sold seperately. Apart from this, the specs of the system (16 MB RAM, 65k colors, 640x480 res.) were rather weak, resulting in games between a 16- and 32-Bit level. 5 games were released, 4 of them being based on big franchises such as X-Men (enclosed with the system), Marvel Superheroes, Ben 10 or Spiderman. The last game was called "Interstellar Wrestling League" and a Mattel-only brand. Although Mattel sold their console at a low price of 69,99 USD after it's release in 2006 and targeted a younger audience, it still could not leave the shadows of the "big" systems PS3, XBox 360 and Wii. The Hyper Scan was therefore discontinued in 2007 already and sold for 10 bucks online. It was never released outside of the USA. Still, this strange system is worth being owned by collectors today, and with 8 years since its release, it is almost retro as well.