About Consollection

A once rather unknown videogame collection with appr. 150 systems became quite popular when Patrick (design) approached Phil (collector) to do a portrait on his private videogame collection. It was just a student-project. When presented on the web without any big plans, many game-, nerd- and design-websites ran news on this little project, crashing our traffic volume without us even noticing. Once we saw the unexpected potential, we did a now popular poster, some shirt designs, a 2.0 version of the website and more – before life got us again with a lot of stuff happening. We took down the page circa 2018. 2023 marks the return of Consollection 3.0. The collection is still growing, with currently 340+ unique videogame consoles. With this relaunch, we show many new systems, a lot of them obscure and rather unknown; we added fresh descriptions and a lot of functions. We have more things planned, but for now a neat looking website was the most important step.

About our Website

We are fully aware that there are numerous websites with all the information on technical specs, indepth history on systems and manufacturers and more. Thus, we chose a different approach to utilize the benefit of having 340+ system on hand with 90% CIB: a clean design focuses on consoles and original boxes / artwork with only basic information and short descriptions.

About Phil

After being a gamer for my teenage years, starting mostly with a Commodore Amiga 500 before turning to 16-bit consoles, I decided to become a collector 20 years ago when I was earning my first money. From loosely buying an Atari or a Pong, it turned to a full blown hobby with checklists, conventions, networking and a lot of time spent on gathering information on the history of all those popular and not-so-popular systems.

One day, I had the chance to cooperate with Patrick on a semester-work to portray my collection – which turned out to become Consollection 1.0. Gaming and collecting is still a big thing for me, although life changed with 3 kids and other factors and hobbies such as a proper job, mountainbiking, music (drums, collecting records) and more. I’m still a straight edge drugfree vegetarian hardcore kid erm father.

Also, please check out my other passion: Star Wars & collecting Star Wars at IG: @star.wars.collection

As cheesy as it is, I need to thank my family and first and foremost my wife to cope with a larger than life videogame collection (besides a 5.000 record-collection & a vital Star Wars collection).