Game Wave Family Entertainment System
Zapit Games
Game Wave Family Entertainment System
Zapit Games
7. Generation
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The GAME WAVE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, released by ZAPIT GAMES Inc. from Canada, is a less known videogame system released in 2005. Similar to the NUON system, the Game Wave is a hybrid DVD-player with a library of games consisting of puzzle-, trivia-, board- and basic skill-games. Although the library is quite limited, it still qualifies as a games console, with wireless controllers/remote controls (4 of the already included, up to 6 can be hooked up), games sold separately on DVD (for around 25 $ each) and its own Operating System. However, the fun on this one is limited as expected. Although the focus of „family entertainment“ was established here even before the Wii had huge success with this claim and its focus on casual gamers, the games are really quite basic and not really more than you could play for free on your PC even back then. This was probably also the reason why the system was defunct around 3 years later. It’s historical relevance is limited, but still the Game Wave is worth a look for the collector.