Nikko Europe
Nikko Europe
7. Generation
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The DIGIBLAST by company NIKKO Ltd. is noteworthy because of a few reasons. This handheld was released in Europe in 2005 and was marketed as a „personal media center“ towards kids and teens. Apart from being able to play cartoons and more, it had a clear gaming focus, with a surprising number of well known brands and franchises being ported to the Digiblast. Rayman, Tony Hawk, Pitfall, Sonic and Spiderman are just a few of those names. Also noteworthy is the fact that the hardware, powered by an ARM9 processor, is not too bad at all. Still, this 4096 color LCD with a 2D focus similar to the Game Boy Advance did not stand a chance against Nintendos DS and Sonys PSP. But it was sold a relatively low price of 79 € (about 100 USD back then) bundled with cartoons and games already. We’ve seen worse systems, even released much later. Another surprising fact is that the system is vastly unknown. Even in Europe, it only had some minor success in Southern Europe, while nobody really took notice of it in other parts. In the USA, it was never released and is thus not existing at all. The Digiblast doesn’t even have it’s own English Wikipedia-page. How retro is that? Nikko Europe went bankrupt shortly after release, with all games in development being cancelled. There is even more to this system: with accessories, you could hook it up to your TV and play stationary, an MP3 player and an attachable digicam could be added - which was still quite a fresh feature 10 years ago for a handheld. And it does not end here: the company, Nikko Ltd., may sound as Japanese as possible, but is in fact a company with its head office (and developers) in the Netherlands. Do you know of any other Dutch system? Shown here is the White Ice version from Italy. We think this system is not only obscure, but also underrated, and plan to add the accessories and all available games in the future.