Go Go TV
Manley Toy Quest
Go Go TV
Manley Toy Quest
6. Generation
Storage Medium
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Original System

The 2nd half of the last decade was dominated by Wii, XBox 360 and PS3. However, various other videogame home systems were released after 2005, some of them more or less unnoticed from the public and even gamerssuch as the Xavix Port by SSD Company, the Hyper Scan by Mattel or the Game Wave by Zapit Games. The GOGO TV Video Vision by MANLEY/TOY QUEST is even more obscure and even less known. Released only in the USA in 2005, this one does not even have its own Wikipedia page! The tiny system (check it on top of our TV to get a feeling for the size) features a built in camera as the standard means of control, „putting you in the game“ as the manual tells, as you are constantly being shown on TV. The games come on tiny, strange looking cartridges. The console shown here was bundled with a Whac-a-Mole game, which comes with an additional hammer-controller. The GoGo TV focuses on casual or young gamer with movement-controls and special controllers like the hammer, not unlike the Xavix Port or over a year later the Wii. We found it quite astonishing that just another Pre-Wii system had a similar focus, but failed commercially and is really quite unknown these days.