Buzztime Home Trivia System
Cadaco (NTN)
Buzztime Home Trivia System
Cadaco (NTN)
6. Generation
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In the USA, Trivia games are far more popular than in most other places in the world. NTN / Buzztime are a major developer of these games and brought them to television (through a special cable channel in the US) and bars/restaurants for a long time already, making them hugely popular. In 2005, they teamed up with toy company Cadaco to release a home video game focussing solely on these quiz/trivia games called BUZZTIME HOME TRIVIA SYSTEM. The system is small, runs on batteries and can be connected to up to 8 I/R controllers. 750 questions are built on, others could be added through tiny cartridges with different themes. This partly qualifies for our current series of trash-systems - but only partly, as it does what it’s meant to do quite well. You have highscore lists, you can have a personal profile for each game, and the system is small and low in power consumption. Fun Fact: As you may remember, Sony had quite some success with their „Buzz!“-trivia games on the Playstation 2 & 3 from 2005 on, coming with similar controllers as the Buzztime hardware. And yes, NTN/Buzztime felt stepped on their toes and filed a legal suit against Sony for trademark violation - but they had no success. The case was closed in favour of Sony. Although the games are limited to trivia, the system qualifies as a videogame system with exchangeable games & controllers.